Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turning Winds Academic Institute Reviews

Turning Winds Academic Institute is a premier, therapeutic-boarding school for teens who are suffering from a range of mental disorders, behavioral issues or academic setbacks.  Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI), was founded in 2002 and has been a leader in the industry since inception.  The school is located in Troy, Montana  right in the middle of the Kootenai National Forest which covers an area greater than 1,000,000 acres.  The region is best known for its’ recreational paradise where people come from all over the country to see the breathtaking mountainous views, ski, snowmobile, camp, hike, fish to name a few of the activities that this area has to offer.  The school itself is nestled on 150 acres of treed and pastured land with over 4000 feet of the South Fork of the Yaak River flowing through it.  The management who operate the school are some of the most qualified and credentialed in the therapeutic-boarding school industry.  TWAI is an international school which accepts students from all over the world.  The school has had enrollees from Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia, Mexico, South Africa and France to name a few areas of interest.  This adds to the richness in the environment for all of the participants who attend the TWAI boarding school.  This school is time tested and has proven to make a difference in the lives of parents and students.  It truly is a life changing experience that is intended for parents who are in crisis with a son or daughter who are struggling in life.  The school provides treatment for boys and girls ages twelve to eighteen.   TWAI has three branches in which it specializes in with student development:  academic achievement, therapeutic success and outdoor education. 
Many of the students who arrive at the TWAI School are bright but unmotivated; hence, they are typically behind in school or have not performed to their abilities.  Turning Winds Academic Institute offers just about any AP class imaginable, along with traditional classes, and has a great teacher to student ratio, with eight students to every instructor.  Furthermore, TWAI is a qualified testing center for SAT, ACT and GED in order to provide all the necessary tools for college entrance.  TWAI is a year round school, thus, students are able to accomplish on average 1.5 times the amount they could in a traditional setting which is a great accomplishment for both students and parents.  In addition, TWAI employs the latest technology to ensure “superb” instructional formats as the school just added a Smart Board for presentations, and digital laboratories and a new computer lab which has the capacity to offer an ideal computer to student ratio of, 1:1.5.  TWAI is able to inspire the minds of students who otherwise would not have engaged in academic work through tailoring interest specific curriculum and research. 
The therapeutic component is patient, inspiring and engaging.  Each student participates in individual therapy sessions that are guided through parent and child goals to offer customized treatment that will meet the needs of the student and family.  In addition, to attending a weekly individual session, students are able to participate in a variety of group sessions throughout the week that will address other issues such as appropriate peer interactions, role playing, substance abuse guidance etc.  Also, the counselors are engaged in facilitating effective and meaningful family sessions; parent workshops and continuum treatment with aftercare support once a child has commenced from TWAI. 

Outdoor education is perhaps the heart of TWAI’s success.   Since TWAI is nestled in one of the most amazing environments, it lends itself to serenity and offers many opportunities of physical and emotional growth through a variety of activities.  These activities include fishing, basketball, snow shoeing, caring for animals, mountain biking, camping, group campfire’s, hiking, backpacking  and engaging in meaningful outdoor projects.  Furthermore, every student has the opportunity to take part in a week long backpacking trip at various places throughout the United States where they are able to climb to greater heights and see views standing atop some of the most beautiful mountains in the world.  Teens learn to work together in an outdoor setting and are engaged in meaningful experiences throughout the weeklong trip.  These experiences are meant to cause great internal reflection, teach about environmental care, and create a sense of immeasurable success. 

There is much to be said about the greater effectiveness in treatment of being removed from old, hazardous environments and placed in an setting which is free from the clutter, and distractions of trouble.  For parents who are seeking for a life changing experience for a wayward child, Turning Winds Academic Institute could be a great fit.  Treatment at a therapeutic boarding school, such as TWAI, is expensive yet effective option and can range in cost from $200 - $750 per day.  Many parents have found that their insurance or school districts pay for a good portion of the costs to make it more affordable.  If interested in this option for treatment, please CONTACT US or call us at:  800-845-1380.

We are proud of our students who have graduated from Turning Winds Academic Institute!  The emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical changes which young men and women make while at TWAI is an amazing accomplishment for each one of them.  We are grateful for the parents that had the courage and fortitude to make the choice in rescuing their teens who were in such dire circumstances. 
We encourage those students and parents who have gone through the TWAI experience to please post a comment and share your story of success.  Thanks!!!

"I'm writing you to inform you that Chris passed his Eagle Board of Review and is officially an Eagle Scout. Were it not for the tireless efforts of your staff this award would not have come to fruition. I realize how difficult it was to include this program into such a regimented curriculum. The growth of the individual is so much more than submitting to authority it is internalizing those essential precepts and then applying them. We as parents are seeing the benefit of your program in his life. Thank you."


"Jonathan is doing great. He's still getting A's and B's in his second semester of college; he has his own apartment, a very good job at the country club, and he's had a steady girlfriend for almost a year. Thanks again for all your help and our best wishes for the holidays."

- Kevin

"Rebecca and I wanted to send you some exciting news. We've attached a copy of Jon Cowan's first semester college grades--A, A, and A- for a GPA of 3.87. He told us 'I guess I'm cut out for this college stuff after all.' He has been living in a dorm all semester and recently moved into a condo with a friend he met at college. We're very proud of him, and I should emphasize that he did all this himself, while working a full-time job as a chef in a nice restaurant. We see Jordan once a week when he comes over to do laundry and have dinner, but we never once had to bug him about his homework or his studies. He got these grades on his own initiative."

- Martin

"Henry is doing wonderfully. He's 18 now, going to college at the University of Colorado and staying in a dorm. He also has a full-time job as a sous chef at a four-star restaurant in Colorado Springs, and he very much enjoys his work. His personality has vastly improved, and I can honestly say that in more than a year since he's been home we haven't had a single argument with him. That's never happened before! Rebecca and I do not begrudge a moment Henry spent with you. He is miraculously improved now and we really enjoy having him around; we're proud of what he's accomplished. Thanks for your help."

- Alexander